OliveFab 28

OliveFab 28: Eat Clean. Live Fab.

Transform your Body in 28 Days.

Renew ~ Refresh ~ Recharge ~ Revitalize


So what does this mean for you?

  • Would you like to ditch old habits that are not serving you anymore?
  • Have you tried those “quick fixes” yet the results never last?
  • Are you sick and tired of buying book after book, doing diet after diet and still not experiencing the changes you desire?
  • Would you like more happiness, more energy and to feel balanced throughout your entire day?
  • Would you like to live a life where you are not confused about what to eat and where you feel completely in control of your body and mind?

ShawneI’m Shawne Rosenblum and I am a Certified Health Coach.  I’m also a wife, a mom, and a business owner.  I’m super busy, just like you are, so I know how easy it can be to put your health and self-care last on the list!  But I believe that every woman can and should live her own version of fabulous.  I’m passionate about helping amazing women look and feel their best by achieving and maintaining weight loss in a safe and satisfying way without being a slave to dieting, without feeling guilt, and without feeling deprived!

There was a time in my life when I took the bait. I bought every health book out there, listened to TV shows on health and spent hours on the Internet researching the “right foods for my body.”

I was looking for more than a quick fix or a diet book. I wanted to make life long changes. This finally happened for me when I made the decision to enroll in nutrition school. I learned so much along the way and got my own weight and health back in check.  When I graduated as a Certified Health Coach, I knew I wanted to create an affordable and easily accessible program that would help savvy women take small (but powerful!) steps towards life-long change.

If you are feeling confused about what to eat, this program is for you.  But, let me just say this: This program is so much more than the just the food on your plate.

Through my own journey to health and happiness, I learned tools that taught me to be healthy in a completely different way. I learned tools that allowed me to combat stress, achieve my goals, live healthier and learn how to balance it all while still keeping up with my busy life.

I am ready to teach you the same tools. In 28 simple days, you will learn the blueprint you need for everlasting health.

Learn how to eat.  Learn how to plan meals.

Learn how to put yourself first.

Learn week-by-week the exact steps you must take to achieve long lasting results.

“My experience with the OliveFab detox was remarkable.  Before the program formally started, I felt supported and gained knowledge to begin and ensure success.  The detox was easy to follow and the recipes were delicious.  I felt lighter, energized and gained improved mental clarity and a better sense of well-being.  Shawne was informative, available, and a fabulous Health Coach to help me succeed and enjoy this journey.”

S.L., age 41, Family Medicine Physician, Mother of Two

The Good News?

You do not have to spend one more ounce of energy trying to figure out when to eat or what to eat. I have put together a program that will show you the way and get results. I am not just talking short term or “quick fix” results.

I mean real, life-changing results. These are the results you get when you are supported for 28 days with a step-by-step instructional manual, recipes, and shopping lists galore to make your life easy and simple.

Imagine feeling better than you have ever felt and actually glowing from the inside out. Imagine feeling cleaner and lighter no matter what time of the year it is or what is going on in your life. Enter:

OliveFab 28: Eat Clean. Live Fab.

You will not starve. You will not be deprived.

You will thrive.

No more diets.

No more wondering what foods are right for you.

No “quick fix” ideals that lack results.

This is a simple, real, whole foods approach delivered straight to your inbox. You will receive a Welcome Letter the moment you click


“Shawne Rosenblum is your everything and then some. Her energy, spirit, and optimism are genuine. She has been in your shoes before. She has walked the walk. She has successfully guided me through two detoxes. Aside from losing weight, I learned about new foods and how to incorporate them into my daily life without feeling deprived of other foods that I thought I would be craving and wanting. The detox also helped me tame my grazing and snacking. I look forward to participating in future programs with Shawne, learning more from her, and hearing her cheer me on!”

M.W., age 42, Administrator, Mother of Two

If you are feeling:






Or that nagging belly-bump that has no business being there….

It is time for a change. It is time for a 28 day transformation!

This is the PERFECT next step if you:

-have participated in OliveFab’s Detox programs and are looking for your “navigation system” to help you continue on the road to fabulous


-are simply ready to make YOU a priority and put an end to dieting madness, being stressed out all the time, and you’re ready to wake up each day feeling refreshed and FAB!

As a participant in OliveFab 28 you will learn to:
OliveFab 28

  • Prep your meals in ways that fit your lifestyle
  • Love your kitchen (even if you don’t like to cook) as you learn to fuel your unique body
  • Make healthy snacks for when you’re on the go
  • Prepare nourishing and delicious meals for one or for the entire family
  • Exercise the right way for your body
  • Portion your foods while never feeling deprived
  • Pick healthy foods and create meals that will satisfy all your taste buds
  • Crowd out the bad stuff and bring in the healthy goodies
  • Dine out and order off a menu guilt free
  • Eat the right proteins (even if you are vegan or vegetarian or interested in reducing animal proteins in your life)
  • Cook new recipes galore. Did you hear the great news? All of these chef-created recipes were designed for you to be able to make in your own kitchen
  • Recognize the tools necessary for committing to change and committing to a healthy life

What do you get?

You’ll get:

  • A warm welcome and program manual which will include your program schedule
  • Access to your OliveFab 28 Facebook forum where you will receive tons of love and support from coach Shawne and your OliveFab 28 community
  • Your beautiful e-books delivered to your inbox once per week (total of 4)
  • Recipe e-book of chef-created, family-friendly recipes
  • Weekly meal planner delivered to your inbox once per week that takes the guess work out about what to eat (total of 4)
  • Weekly shopping lists delivered to your inbox once per week that make your supermarket run a breeze (total of 4)
  • Weekly 30-minute LIVE coaching calls with coach Shawne. Never fear if you can’t make it, the sessions will be recorded for your convenience
  • Food Diary-a powerful and effective tool
  • Bonus handouts galore

Next OliveFab 28 group begins March 3rd, 2014

Investment in YOU: 197 Dollars

to reserve your spot!!!

The best part? You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home to create these amazing results! Check out this brand new OliveFab 28 day e-course or contact me here for more information on 1:1 coaching!