Here’s what OliveFab clients have to say:

“My doctor told me to eat Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free for a week for my stomach issues.  I really didn’t know what I should eat until Shawne introduced me to the detox. I knew I wanted to look and feel my best for my wedding so the timing was perfect.  I thought I ate pretty clean before but this was a whole new world! Now, I know how to be healthy.  I incorporate tons of veggies into my diet, I eat less sugar, and I proportion my meals much better.  I feel more energetic and overall, much healthier. “

-M.C., age 32, Health Advisor, Newlywed

“My experience with the OliveFab detox was remarkable.  Before the program formally started, I felt supported and gained knowledge to begin and ensure success.  The detox was easy to follow and the recipes were delicious.  I felt lighter, energized and gained improved mental clarity and a better sense of well-being.  Shawne was informative, available, and a fabulous Health Coach to help me succeed and enjoy this journey.”

-S.L., age 41, Family Medicine Physician, Mother of Two

“Shawne Rosenblum is your everything and then some.  Her energy, spirit, and optimism are genuine.  She has been in your shoes before.   She has walked the walk.  She has successfully guided me through two detoxes.  Aside from losing weight, I learned about new foods and how to incorporate them into my daily life without feeling deprived of other foods that I thought I would be craving and wanting.  The detox also helped me tame my grazing and snacking.  I look forward to participating in future programs with Shawne, learning more from her, and hearing her cheer me on!”

-M.W., age 42, Administrator, Mother of Two

“Although I have a great deal of knowledge about nutrition, I have never been able to use this information for my own benefit.  With Shawne acting as my health coach, I have finally been able to put all of the pieces together.  Her guidance has taught me to choose healthier foods and eliminate the bad ones.  I have had to process concepts such as hydrate, crowd out, inflammation, and gluten-free.  She has introduced me to smoothies and my diet will never be the same.  In the last few months I have lost 25 pounds, increased my energy levels and just feel so much better.”

-G.G., age 65, Retired, Father, Grandfather

“The detox program is a great jump start to getting healthy.  Lose weight, gain energy, and learn healthy habits!  I lost 10 pounds eating real food while keeping up my busy work schedule.  I will definitely recommend this program for my patients.”

-R.B., age 42, Chiropractor, College Team Chiropractor, Father of Two

“OliveFab’s seasonal detoxes have left me energetic, lighter, and better prepared to continue my weight loss goals.”

-I.G., age 41, Educator, Mom of a Toddler

“I was reluctant to try the cleanse as I thought I had been eating relatively healthy and frankly the word “cleanse” sounded like it would take me out of my comfort zone.  I must say now, that I am so glad I went through with it because it was wonderful!  In addition to dropping the few pounds I’d been holding on to eating “my way”, I found that I was never hungry, the sugar cravings stopped and I truly enjoyed the foods I was eating.  I have been able to incorporate much of what I learned to date into my regular routine and am so thankful to Shawne for convincing me to do it!”

-M.B., age 35, Quality Assurance Specialist, Mother of Two

“I have to thank you for your wonderful detox program! Today is the last day and I’m feeling renewed and, most importantly, ready to tackle fall and its hectic days leading up to the holidays. As you know, I’ve done detoxes in the past on my own but I didn’t feel successful. Your program is detailed, organized, and filled with eclectic recipes. Mostly, I felt bolstered by your support and Shawne love which makes all the difference. I did end up losing almost ten pounds but I never felt hungry. In fact, my hunger diminished and, by listening to my body, ate only when I needed. My family also loves some of the recipes and I will incorporate your program from now on. Thank you for a fulfilling experience.”

-C.P., age 43, Author, Mother of Two