60 Seconds to Better Health

by shawne 6 October 2015

We are all super busy and I used to think it was during certain times of the year only. Well, that has expanded to every single day all throughout the year. I haven’t been talking health quite as much these days but the “Remember Balance in September” group set me on a good path to […]

Top 7 Tips For Surviving the Halloween Candy Stash

by shawne 24 October 2013

It’s that time of year again. The unofficial start of eating season is Halloween! Maybe you’re invited to a chic grown-up costume soiree with cocktails and hors devours. Perhaps you have kids and you’re heading up to the school for the annual “sugar fest” class party before trick or treat time. Neither may apply but […]

Super Strawberry-Lime Sorbet

by shawne 16 May 2013

My favorite kitchen appliance is my Vitamix, which is a high speed blender.  I have been using it almost daily since acquiring it last November.  I usually make smoothies for a quick, nutritious breakfast option for myself and my family.  I also make dips, dressings, and have concocted some soups in my handy dandy device.  […]