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Top 7 Tips For Surviving the Halloween Candy Stash

by shawne 24 October 2013

It’s that time of year again. The unofficial start of eating season is Halloween! Maybe you’re invited to a chic grown-up costume soiree with cocktails and hors devours. Perhaps you have kids and you’re heading up to the school for the annual “sugar fest” class party before trick or treat time. Neither may apply but […]

My Unexpected Vacation Diet

by shawne 13 August 2013

Ahh, summer vacation!  We just returned from a family get away to sunny San Diego.  I have visited California many times before but this was the first time I have spent more than a day or two in lovely San Diego.  I can attest that it really is deserving of the title of “perfect weather”.  […]

My Featured Recipe!

by shawne 27 June 2013

Today my recipe for Super Strawberry-Lime Sorbet is featured on Kris Carr’s website.  Kris is the New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Cancer, Crazy Sexy Kitchen, and founder of kriscarr.com where she has certainly started her very own wellness revolution.  I invite you to try my little sorbet recipe and strongly encourage you […]

Three Easy Steps to Cleaning Up Your Diet Today

by shawne 13 June 2013

  Despite all of the rain that we’ve been having, summer is quickly approaching.  But, thoughts of sundresses and swimsuits aren’t always greeted with warm thoughts. We don’t always feel “summer ready”. Our clothing becomes lighter, and our skin is revealed, and many of us stick with the old rules and wear white for the […]

Turmeric: The New Kale?

by shawne 5 March 2013

Does anyone find it kind of funny how trends come and go?  Personally, I feel an adrenaline rush when I check the mailbox daily, this time of year, in the hopes that my favorite fashion magazines have arrived.  These magazines have a little extra girth this time of year (kind of like their readers in […]

I Am Not A Cook!

by shawne 17 February 2013

When I was a mere toddler, I was not only the only child in my nuclear family, but the only child around amongst my parents’ peers.  My youngish parents were still older than most of their friends, who were mostly childless couples at the time, and I was toted along for many a grown up […]

Eat Your Vegetables!

by shawne 3 February 2013

Eat Your Vegetables!  It’s an age old battle cry heard ’round the world.  Mothers everywhere have encountered the problem but so many well-intentioned parents have opted to pick and choose their battles wisely and simply let that one quietly fade into the distance.  I watched a lot of classic sitcom re-runs growing up and can […]

Resolutions: This Again?

by shawne 31 December 2012

Through the years, I’ve had many conversations with friends about New Year’s Eve.  Some look forward to the traditions, debauchery, and glamour that are synonymous with December 31st.   Others become solemn and opt to hibernate under the covers rather than to partake in the overrated and overpriced revelry.   For many, it is a time of […]