Remember Balance in September

by shawne on August 31, 2015

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Hello Blogosphere.  Sorry to have neglected you for a while.  I’ve been out enjoying the beautiful summer.  I’ve also been working on our family’s new biz which opened its doors this past February.  There has been so much change this past year in terms of career, family health, and the kids both moving up from their schools that I found myself losing some of the balance that I had worked so hard to achieve in the past several years.  Mostly, I have strayed from some of the routines that I have adopted along the way that keep me feeling happy, active, organized, and operating like a well oiled machine.  Why does that always happen, huh?  The simplest non-analytical answer is: that’s just life!  We’re all human.  There’s ebb and there’s flow.  Sometimes we climb and sometimes we camp.  Even when we KNOW what to do we don’t always DO it.  And that my friends, concludes my philosophical rant.   Onward…….

Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, often brings me down.  Way down.  The easy breezy days of summer will quickly be replaced by what feels like 8 long months of unrelenting winter (at least here in the Northeast).  I know there used to be Fall and Spring but I haven’t seen much of those guys around these parts lately.  Labor Day also brings about a major schedule change if you’re a parent or caregiver to school-aged children.  Early mornings, rushing around, homework, playdates, after school activities, carpools, religious instruction, sports, times one, two, three, or more are some of the things that are waiting just around the bend.  And it gets dark early.  Real dark.  Real early.  Yawn!  The fact is that even if you’re a planner or an organized type, summer finds a way of letting you just let go a bit.  Everyone sleeps in and everyone stays up late and there’s so much learning that goes on outside the classroom.  It’s just a magical time and my happiest time of year.



I have no control and I complain that I’m not ready for Fall but itsa comin’ so I have to have a plan otherwise its down in the dumpsters for me and that’s not so good for anyone.  I’ve been thinking back on all of my OliveFab principles that I spoke so passionately about.  I imagine that time in my life when I felt so strong, energetic, and positive.  I imagine the time when excuses went out the window and I got everything into my day that I wished to achieve, no matter what season it was or how cold and dark it was.  I imagine the time when I was intrinsically motivated no matter what was going on around me.  I realized that I got to that wonderful place by doing some REALLY basic things.  It wasn’t so hard after all.  Simple routines and sound daily choices got me to looking and feeling my best.  Some simple tweaks and having a plan is really all I needed then to get my moxie back.  So, instead of dreading the onset of September and fearing the changes that lie ahead, I’m choosing to REMEMBER (cue Earth, Wind, & Fire) what has helped me the most: education, support, accountability, community, and planning.

Do you remember a time when you felt on top of your game?  You can again.  Let’s get there together.  Join me for a FREE 3 Day “Remember Balance In September” private Facebook group.  This group is for support, accountability, and for helping us adopt or get back into practicing daily healthy habits.  Your body and mind will say THANK YOU!  This group can help if you:

  • feel tired
  • feel cranky
  • feel bitchy
  • feel anxious
  • feel bloated
  • feel like you’ve over indulged this summer
  • feel moody
  • feel lost in the health department (personally, NOT THE Dept. of Health)
  • feel like you would like to start losing weight

If these feelings resonate with you, lets get back on track together.  Join me starting right after Labor Day beginning, Tuesday September 8th.  There will be simple food suggestions for the 3 days but *This is not a Detox or a Cleanse*.  It is a FREE 3 Day private Facebook group to “Remember Balance in September”.  Simply reach out to me at or go to OliveFab on Facebook and message me there if you wish to be added to the group.

Enjoy the beautiful last days of summer!


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