March 2014

Gazillion Diets Madness

by shawne 30 March 2014

Long ago (5 years ago) and far away (okay, not so far) I wrote a little bitty blog for my friends and fam called Smorrr Fabulous and Fit.  The concept was simple.  I had seen a morning TV talk show about ways people held themselves accountable on their weight loss journey.  At this time I […]

Why You Should Start Juicing Now!

by shawne 12 March 2014

Juicing:  Fad or friend?  Lately, I admit that I’m on a bit of a juicing kick.  This winter kicked my butt and I have been feeling depleted of nutrients which means I’ve been feeling depleted of energy.  The quickest way to get a jolt of energy AND nutrients (so no, its not a double espresso) […]