Black Friday Bloat

by shawne on November 29, 2013

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The turkey was delish and now you’re sufficiently stuffed!  You want to take advantage of Black Friday deals but you can’t fathom the thought of shoving yourself into the smallish looking clothing you dragged into the dressing room.   Sigh.  The thought of it is making you feel blue- but really you’re not blue- you’re just BLOATED!

Tips for the day:

1. Hydrate the bejeezus out of yourself.  Lots of water will flush out that sodium- packed feast from yesterday and will help keep you going today!  Keep away from the caffeine and alcohol today as they’re very dehydrating!
2. Shop online instead of dealing with the stress of the stores.  You’ll get the same great deals minus the chaos of the parking lot and there’s no dressing room to contend with.
3. Protein.  If dealing with leftovers stick with protein options (turkey anyone?) to keep you full and going strong.  The carby sides will drag you down, make you sluggish, and contribute to your bloated, yucky feeling.
4. Increase your greens!  Smoothie, salad, whatever- get your veg on to provide nutrient support and to reverse that bloat in no time.
5. Get a plan.  Start a detox.  Yep.  Start each morning off with some warm water with lemon and a tsp each of apple cider vinegar and honey.  This morning “elixir” will wake up your digestion and keep things moving!  It’s magical, really!

If you need a more detailed plan of action to get you energized, slimmed down, and ready for the bustling holiday season, register for the FALL INTO FAB Detox today so you’re ready to start Monday!  Enrolling today gets you your materials ASAP and gives you all weekend to “pre-detox” and prepare for your whole foods clean eating power plan!  Check out the FALL INTO FAB DETOX HERE!



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Cathy Sykora December 4, 2013 at 6:59 pm

Great tips on beating the black Friday bloat! It definitely is a reminder that we are a reflection of how we choose to fuel our bodies. Your tips are easy to incorporate and much appreciated. I will keep these in mind through all the holiday festivities!


Amy Jarosky December 6, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Love this post! I drink apple cider vinegar every morning and it’s amazing!!! Thanks for sharing.


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