May 2013

Super Strawberry-Lime Sorbet

by shawne 16 May 2013

My favorite kitchen appliance is my Vitamix, which is a high speed blender.  I have been using it almost daily since acquiring it last November.  I usually make smoothies for a quick, nutritious breakfast option for myself and my family.  I also make dips, dressings, and have concocted some soups in my handy dandy device.  […]

Gearing Up: Organic Eye Cream

by shawne 6 May 2013

I must confess, I am a lover of skin creams, always searching for the fountain of youth in a tiny jar.   I have a collection of retired lotions and potions that live under the bathroom sink.  This can only be outnumbered by the items in the graveyard of unwanted furniture and knickknacks that fill my […]